General Purpose

To introduce new Ocean and River Technologies within an atmosphere of commercial and academic relationships, with the purpose of advancing science and technology of sea and rivers.


Specific Objectives

  • Present to the scientific, business and academic communities the latest technologies and research in the areas of ocean and rivers.
  • Promote the creation of opportunities for academic and business, and to facilitate cooperation and networks of research in the field of new technologies applied to the marine sciences and rivers.
  • Understand different models of sustainable development around the use of new technologies with applications in sea and river.
  • Showcase Barranquilla’s and Colombia’s capabilities as business hubs in science, and marine and river technologies.



The First International Congress of New Technologies for sea and rivers - CINTECMAR was proposed in the XVI National Seminar on Science and Technology of the Sea - SENALMAR, held in the city of Santa Marta, Colombia in October 2015 . During the course of this event the main industry representatives met and identified the need to promote the development of new water-based technologies. The outcome of this meeting was to organize CINTECMAR 2016, in order to promote the scientific and technical advancement surrounding new developments and applications of technology in marine and river environments.

CINTECMAR is the first Congress in Colombia bringing together the different actors working in the development and use of new marine technologies for two days (August 29th and 30th, 2018). It is expected to bring together approximately 1000 participants, including entrepreneurs, state agencies, scientists and research teams in a technological and business environment, around different activities: 6 keynote speakers, trade show, networking event, and alternate events (strategic meetings).



The Colombian Commission of the Ocean -CCO associated with DIMAR, Coremar- Fugro, Malpelo Foundation, Ocean Networks Canada, Qualitas Remos, Thales Group, Universidad Nacional – Medellín, Universidad del Norte and Cormagdalena are organizing the second International Congress of New Technologies for Oceans and Rivers - CINTECMAR 2018, an event that will be held in the city of Barranquilla - Colombia, during August 29th 30th 2018 at the Golden Gate Convention Center.

There are four main activities integrated to achieve the objective of this important event: 1. 6 keynote speakers, 2. Networking, 3. Trade show and 4. Complementary Events. Attended by 1000 people, including Industry, scientists, researchers and state agencies from various nations, during the event instruments, port infrastructure and offshore, remote and robotic sensors, underwater acoustics, renewable energy, robots, gliders, boats, river techniques and other new marine technologies.

Barranquilla was chosen as the host city for CINTECMAR, considering that it is one of the engines of development of the Caribbean region. As a lead port of Colombia, Barranquilla "La Arenosa" (“The City of Sand”) has a privileged geographical location making it the largest commercial gateway of the Colombian Caribbean Region. Excellent port infrastructure, leadership in governance and its many business spaces play an important role in the economic growth of the country and Latin America.

CINTECMAR 2018 will be an important stage to share needs and offerings in the field of new technologies. There, the different actors establish synergies that allow them to work hand in hand to use new practices and equipment in different sectors of the economy.

This initiative is part of the efforts of the Colombian National Government to support the regional development and develop the potential represented by the ocean and rivers in the context of science and technology. They hold cross-cutting issues for all sectors of the economy and provide support to achieve sustainable and competitive economic development.